What is HoloTrek?

HoloTrek is a Star Trek themed role-playing game on a timeline that branched from the events of TNG/DS9 around the first season of DS9. The game attempts to remain true to the Star Trek universe; canon is highly regarded.

Players may choose to join the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Rihannsu (Romulan) Empire, the Ferengi Alliance, or Hellesport, an independent commerce station.

The game is primarily role-playing, but is supported by advanced space, combat, skills, and economic systems. A full commodities market economy is available for those that wish to strike out on their own as freelance traders, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, and spies.

HoloTrek welcomes both experienced and new roleplayers to the game. Good roleplay is rewarded; players who develop good roleplaying skills will find their characters growing in power and influence.

Interested? Then point your favorite telnet or MUD client to holotrek.org:1701 and we'll see you on the grid!

Galactic Enquirer

Election of Praetorial Council - Stardate 20170313.2208

STARDATE 20170313.2141


Following what can be called 'the dullest Senatorial race in recent history," the Upper and Lower Houses have presented the election results of the Praetorial Council. While unremarkable on its surface, it should be noted that this is the first time in the last fifty years that all major houses have been...more

[Amore: Velloran Ambassador Calls for Debate!] - Stardate 20130529.1402

From: Amore

To: *UFPAnnouncements and Amore

When: 10:02 am, Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (EDT)

Subject: Velloran Ambassador Calls for Debate!


After watching the Presidents address, the Ancent House Representitives file out of their meeting chamber silently. Few smiles adorn the faces of the normally warm and friendly people. Then their Ambassador moves to the Camera...more

Andoria and Tellar Support Embargo of Vulcan - Stardate 20130602.0218

In a brief press release today, Fesoan and Tellar announced their intended support to the effort of any Federation member worlds to blockade Vulcan from any non-Starfleet sanctioned trade.more

Vulcans Address Betazoid Petition - Stardate 20130602.0209

[The image of the haloed delta, the symbol of IDIC and the seal of the State of Vulcan appears on the screen. It fades to the image of a podium emblazoned with the same seal. A somewhat aged and regal Vulcan woman steps up to the podium. A caption appears on the screen: First Minister Soveral...more

Vellora Petition For Embargo Against Vulcan - Stardate 20130523.1948

To the respective Governments of the United Federation of Planets.

For those of you who do not know me, I am Ambassador Marion Amore of Vellora, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed and speaking representative for the Counsel of Elders of Betazed. I am transmitting this message to you all today in regards to an...more

Current TPs

TOP STORY: USS Voyager and her mixed crew, composed of volunteers from the Federation, Klingon and Romulan Empires, has become trapped in the Delta Quadrant when the wormhole it was exploring collapsed, cutting it off from the Beta Quadrant. Can the crew overcome their differences and prejudices enough to work together and find a way home within their own lifetimes?

Like shadows from the past, the black ships that plagued the galaxy some twenty years ago have once again emerged -- and their intent appears no less sinister. Deep Space 27, Delkan IV, Narendra III - all victims of their mysterious wrath. And now Betazed, the home of the telepathic Betazoids, orbits its lifeless sun, a frozen, desolate ball of ice. And though these enigmatic OOR have fallen silent again, it's only a matter of time before they strike again. What drives them, and how can they be stopped?


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