Alpha Centauri VII
Dominant Species:
Terran (Centaurian)
177.53+0.31 3920491.09
2.2 billion
Largest City:
Delthara (6.1 million)

The Alpha Centauri system has no indigenous, intelligent life, but was colonized by Terrans in the later twenty-first century. The people who colonized the class M planet Alpha Centauri VII began calling themselves Centaurians, and specialized in the sort of heavy industry and production that had become less popular on Earth.

The Alpha Centauri is binary, consisting two separate stars, orbiting each other at a mean distance of 23 astronomical units. Alpha Centauri A is a class-G star, similar in size and color to Sol, and Alpha Centauri B is a class-K (orange) star, which is the same size as the sun but a little cooler in temperature. Alpha Centauri VII is about 1.5 times the size of Earth, and more arid. Because of higher gravity, the population tends to be shorter, but stronger, than the average human, with thicker bone structure.

Alpha Centauri's main significance is that it is the starsystem with planets that is in closest proximity to Earth. It entered the Federation in 2161, at founding, as a possession of Earth, but is not considered a member system. The planet Alpha Centauri VII is, today, a massive industrial center and the jewel of Federation economic power.