Dominant Species:
199.00+1.51 4300043.67
3.5 billion
Largest City:
Jahala (4.7 million)

The home to a beautiful, ancient, and noble civilization, Bajor has recently fallen on hard times. The planet was occupied by the Cardassians until 2356, when the Breen forced them to withdraw. The Bajorans managed to limp by on their own, letting the United Federation of Planets control Deep Space Nine until 2368, when the revival of the Cardassian Union from the Breen defeat placed them under the occupation of that world once again. The Federation was pushed out in a battle with Dominion forces, and the question of Bajors sovereignity was unresolved until 2372, when a Federation fleet succeeded in liberating the system from the Cardassians.

A beautiful planet with a diverse terrain and favorable weather, the planet was pockmarked by Cardassian strip mining and the culture degraded through slavery. Only now is it having a chance to recover the glory that it once knew. Its future is uncertain, but for now its troubles appear to be over, and it moves closer every day to becoming a full member of the Federation.