Dominant Species:
193.05+0.08 4257847.39
4.9 billion
Largest City:
Medara (12.4 million)

A class-M planet, fifth planet in a solar system of 8 around the star Beta Veldonna, a class-G (Sol-like) star. It is a world very much like Earth, including the possession of a single large moon.

The Betazoids are a telepathic race, well-known for their telepathic and empathic abilities. These abilities typically develop at puberty, but a few individuals develop these traits later in life.

Betazed is, today, home of one of the most presigious universities of psychology in the galaxy. Many Starfleet psychologists and counselors train and receive their education on Betazed, and the Betazoid race themselves are well-placed in the Federation as ambassadors and starships' counselors.