ch'Havran (Remus)
Dominant Species:
Rihannsu (Romulans)
158.00-2.00 4320964.24
3.7 Billion
Largest City:
Ihhliae (4.2 million)

The less populous of the "Two Worlds", ch'Havran was settled by Vulcans who never accepted the teachings of Surak several thousand years ago. From there and its sister planet, ch'Rihan, the Rihannsu developed into a large, powerful, spacefaring empire.

ch'Havran is a dryer, class M planet characterized by large mountain ranges, dense forests, and large grassland areas. There is less variety of flora and fauna, but it is the home to an indigenous intelligent species known to outsiders as Remans, who make up a small portion of the current population but provide a source of cheap labor.