Delkan IV
Dominant Species:
164.88+0.93 5376794.15
11.4 million
(growing very rapidly)
Largest City:
Laeihh (138,200)
(growing very rapidly)

Delkan IV has had a rocky history since its inception as a Klingon colony in 2335. Through incentives it was quickly and heavily populated with Klingon settlers and had a vibrant and unique culture, but its location in the KE-RSE neutral zone made it a pawn in the power struggles of the two large powers on either side. Delkan IV found itself the victim of a brutal biological attack in 2368 that rendered it uninhabitable to Klingons for a period of at least ten years (until the virus died off from lack of hosts). In 2372, however, the planet was turned over to Rihannsu control in a peace agreement that expanded the Rihannsu border to cover it. The Rihannsu immediately offered similar incentives to raise population and build infrastructure on the world as quickly as possible.

Delkan IV is a nearly perfect class M Earth clone. It is about 70% water, with several large land masses, multiple varieties of indigenous vegetation, and staggering quantities of natural resources. Incredibly, it does not have its own native intelligent population, but is a jewel left ripe for colonization.