Earth (Terra)
Dominant Species:
Humans (Terrans)
180.00+0.00 3999580.01
8.2 billion
Largest City:
Tokyo (26.7 million)

Third planet around the star Sol, a class-G yellow dwarf. Classified as the archetypal class-M world, Earth is rich in life and mineral resources of all types, a characteristic that helped the Terrans out as their culture grew and matured.

Earth achieved warp capability, and was subsequently contacted by the Vulcans (its first interstellar contact) on the fifth of April, 2063. Prior to the formation of the Federation in 2161, many 5-year exploration missions were sent out under the auspices of the United Earth Space Probe Association, with all but one returning (the infamous Enterprise). In 2156, Earth was embroiled in war with the Romulan Star Empire, emerging victorious in this war in 2160.

Now the capital world of the Federation, Earth is a peaceful communist-utopian paradise, as well as the primary superpower in this arm of the galaxy. It is home to the Federation Council, as well as Starfleet Headquarters and the Starfleet Academy.