Dominant Species:
203.86+0.91 3847182.83
4.8 billion
Largest City:
Rog (11.2 million)

The focal point of the Ferengi Trade Alliance's economic power, Ferenginar stands as a living, breathing testament to the power of capitalism. Embraced by Ferengi principles there is very little on this world which is not bought or sold, including one's right to sit or stand.

The capital city, Rog, is home to the galaxy-renown sacred marketplace where, it is said, anything that has ever or will ever be sold will eventually pass. The Ferengi capital building, the Tower of Commerce, overlooks the marketplace and serves as not only the throne to the Ferengi leader, the Grand Nagus, but is also the main branch from where the terrible Ferengi liquidators assess its profit gathering citizens.

Ferenginar itself is a small swamp-like world. Its weather patterns are described, by most outsiders, as dismal. Having evolved under such conditions the native language of the Ferengi possesses one hundred and seventy-eight different words for the term "rain"