Dominant Species:
Rihannsu (Romulans)
166.99-0.00 5099546.40
160 million
Largest City:
Theila (975,000)

A planet on the border of Rihannsu space and the KE-RSE neutral zone, this planet conducts a very large portion of RSE import and export business. This is the place to get the illegal, imported Romulan ale from, for example. While violators of RSE space are punished harshly and swiftly, most often with death, anyone who has managed to get the exceedingly rare trading license to do business with the RSE will usually find themselves here.

A class L planet, it is very arid and doesn't support much indigenous life. Much of the planet is covered with desert, with a long archipelago in the small, high-salinity sea supporting most of the infrastructure. The planet has been undergoing terraforming operations, and the amount of freshwater is increasing, as well as its ability to support life, but until the operation is complete, desalination is the only thing that keeps the planet alive.