rura' pente'
Dominant Species:
Mixed Assortment
161.02-0.49 5844399.30
Largest City:
Dilithium Mines (11,500)

Rendered in Federation Standard as Rura Penthe, this class L world equates to nothing more than a giant ice-covered rock, where nothing can survive exposure to the sub-freezing temperature on the surface for more than a few minutes. Known throughout the galaxy as "The Aliens' Graveyard," it is one of the many inhospitable planets in the HalIy system where criminals are sent to die, and the home of the Klingon Empire's only permanent prison, a subterranean fortress where the non-Klingon prisoners are used as forced labor to mine dilithium. The planet is shielded by a magnetic barrier which prevents short-range communications and transport.