Dominant Species:
163.99+1.49 6200411.64
2.6 billion
Largest City:
K'IaH (47.1 million)
(32.7 million military personnel)

The world known as Ty'Gokor to the Federation is a rocky, hostile class M world located near the very center of the Klingon Empire, and home to the celebrated Hall of Warriors. With Qo'noS so near the Klingon-Romulan Neutral Zone, tay'ghoqor was a natural choice for the relocation of the Klingon Defense Force's military command center, with its central location and its natural defenses in the form of an asteroid field which encircles the planet. These natural fortifications are enhanced by a ring of space stations, including veqlargh lojmIt (Demon Gate), and a screen of automated orbital defense platforms. These defenses, aided by a tachyon sensor network which provides a means of detecting cloaked vessels, and a permanently assigned fleet make the seat of the Empire's military might nearly impossible to break.